NBA Rumors: Spurs ready to give Wembanyama the superstar treatment?

Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Tim Warner/GettyImages

Rookie of the Year frontrunner Victor Wembanyama has managed to live up to the hype and then some this season, proving that he can indeed be a franchise cornerstone for the San Antonio Spurs. That is obviously a great thing, but it also comes with the pressure to build around him and teams don't always have a lot of time to do so.

Rookie contracts are four-year contracts, and young stars often sign a four-year deal with a player option or five-year fully guaranteed contracts. That doesn't guarantee eight or nine seasons, however, with players being able to put pressure on their team to make moves or risk them demanding a trade.

That is not to say that Wembanyama will, but Kawhi Leonard did just that and now he's with the Los Angeles Clippers. As a result, the Spurs are probably more conscious of building trust between them and their new franchise player, which leads to an interesting comment from Wembanyama himself.

The Spurs plan to include Victor Wembanyama in their decision-making.

Many of the league's best players are often consulted on big decisions to make them feel included in the process. Also, partially to keep the team from being blamed by their superstar if one of those decisions goes awry. That can come back to bite teams, but the Spurs are still smart to do so, and they have an excellent draft record and have been known to fleece teams in deals.

With potentially two top-10 picks and $25 million in cap space, the Spurs could be in prime position to wheel and deal this summer. Especially with them rumored to be interested in trading for a star

Overall, the Spurs may have big plans for this summer. With Wembanyama quickly emerging as a superstar, they will soon give them superstar treatment and run any major decisions by him first.