NBA Rumors: Sixers mulling signing polarizing big man amid injury woes

Joel Embiid
Joel Embiid / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The Philadelphia 76ers have struggled as they await the return of superstar Joel Embiid and could use more frontcourt depth. That has them searching free agency for a potential short-term fit and a new report by The Athletic's Shams Charania has them bringing in a polarizing player for a workout. Kai Jones last played for the Charlotte Hornets last season before his poor play and erratic behavior forced a leave of absence and his eventual release.

He hasn't played in the NBA since then and hasn't even gotten another workout prior to the Sixers showing interest. Jones is barely 23 years old and, at 6'11, is known for his athleticism and mobility, and if he has solved his erratic behavior, he might be worth a 10-day contract to see what he can do.

Should the Philadelphia 76ers take a chance on Kai Jones?

The Sixers can use help until Embiid returns. That being said, Jones probably isn't the answer. He struggled to carve out a consistent role on one of the worst teams in the NBA last season, despite being a recent first-round pick.

That should be a major red flag since it wouldn't have cost another franchise much to take a chance on signing him. Those other teams probably determined that he was too risky to bring in or that his upside or lack thereof wasn't worth their time.

There are also other veteran free agent big men available that could give the Sixers some depth. Or they could look to the NBA G-League for help, and they might have better luck finding a stop-gap front-court option there.

All in all, with the Sixers struggling and awaiting Embiid's return, they are right to look to free agency for depth. Despite that, kicking the tires on Jones seems like an odd choice considering how he failed in Charlotte and that other teams have apparently steered clear of him.