NBA Rumors: NBA all-star hoping to join Heat amid team turmoil

Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler / Tim Heitman/GettyImages

Despite having the third-easiest remaining schedule in the NBA, the Miami Heat have been struggling of late. They have lost four straight games and find themselves eighth in the East.

Even still, on a recent The OGs Show podcast, former NBA All-Star and number one overall pick John Wall expressed his desire to play with the Miami Heat. Wall hasn't played since the 2022–23 season but showed flashes as a quick point guard who could set up his teammates.

Despite that, the Heat appear to be full up on point guards after trading for Terry Rozier and signing Delon Wright and Patty Mills, and they don't still have an open roster spot. As a result, Miami signing Wall with less than a month to go in the regular season seems highly unlikely.

Even still, having players express their desire to play for the Heat simply due to "Heat culture" is encouraging and a sign that Miami's way of doing things is held in high regard among not only other franchises but among players too.

John Wall wanting to join the Heat underscores the value of Heat culture itself.

Wall wanting to play for Miami after being out of the NBA for a season might seem like an act of desperation from someone wanting to extend their career and it probably is. However, Wall doesn't appear to be alone in wanting to play in Miami and it's not just because of the weather.

Players seemingly love what the Heat have built, with the team prioritizing players with a hard work ethic that may fly under radar—at least until Miami gets their hands on them. Wall might not fit that bill since his time in the NBA has seemingly come and gone but he clearly has plenty of respect for what Miami has built and that isn't nothing.

Ultimately, Wall's interest in joining the Heat is likely one-sided, with Miami having added two point guards in the last month to bolster the position. Nevertheless, it seems that players are taking notice of the culture that has been built in Miami.