NBA Rumors: The Heat are uninterested in trading for an in-demand star

Bam Adebayo, Josh Richardson
Bam Adebayo, Josh Richardson / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

After a lackluster start to the season, the Miami Heat have played much better of late. The Heat started the season going 1-4 before reeling off seven straight wins and nine of the last 12. With Miami starting to look like the team that tore through the playoffs last postseason, it might seem like the perfect time for them to look to add more star power to their roster.

However, despite righting the ship, the Heat, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, don't appear ready to jump at the chance to acquire Chicago Bulls all-star Zach LaVine, who is rumored to be available.

NBA Rumors: The Heat are uninterested in trading for Zach LaVine.

After their failure to add Damian Lillard this past summer, turning down the chance to add more offensive firepower is surprising, to say the least. For one, while the Milwaukee Bucks have stumbled out of the gate, they may still figure out their defensive issues and get Lillard back to his normal explosive self.

Additionally, the Philadelphia 76ers have played surprisingly well, going from being written off as a contender to being one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference thus far. Add in the fearsome Boston Celtics and the Heat are looking at a murderers' row to try and win the East for the third time in five seasons.

Perhaps they are that confident in their team, including Tyler Herro, who has responded well to almost being traded this past offseason. Or maybe they feel that another star will become available between now and the trade deadline or they could be playing the long game and waiting beyond this season.

With this recent run, they look to be well on their way to being back in the top tier of the Eastern Conference but a lot can change and the Heat may again hit a rough patch. That might perhaps change their reported stance against dealing for LaVine, especially with rumors of his trade value being lower than expected. It will definitely be something to keep an eye on as the season progresses.