NBA Rumors: Has Jimmy Butler already played his last game in Miami?

The Miami Heat may soon look a lot different if the rumors surrounding their best player, Jimmy Butler, are to be believed.
Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Miami Heat may soon look a lot different if the rumors surrounding their best player are to be believed. There have been rumblings that Butler may be moved over the summer, but according to LA Times' Howard Beck, he will definitely be traded during the offseason.

Assuming that is true, Butler would make for an interesting trade candidate. After all, the only teams that would probably have interest in him are ones that view themselves as contenders or fringe contenders.

Then there is the fact that he wants a two-year $113 million extension that would pay him $65 million a season at ages 36 and 37. That may limit his trade market but there may be a few teams that show interest.

Will the Miami Heat trade Jimmy Butler and to where?

At the moment, the Philadelphia 76ers appear to be the most likely landing spot for Butler given the number of picks that they have available as well as cap space. That would allow the Sixers to take back his entire contract without having to send out a matching salary.

If the Heat can get past trading their best player to an in-conference rival, they might be able to find a deal that works for them. The Sixers can offer two first and taking Butler's contract would allow the Heat to receive a $35 million trade exception that they could use and those picks in a separate deal to improve their roster.

Having those assets would give the Heat far more options than they currently have now, though they may instead want players in any deal for Butler, which would complicate things. The New York Knicks could potentially match salary and have most of their picks available or perhaps a wildcard team emerges to try and land Butler. Either way, it seems that he is almost certain to be moved this summer, and the Heat will look different as a result next season.