NBA Rumors: Clippers eyeing 3 future Hall of Famers to replace George and Westbrook

Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard / Jacob Kupferman/GettyImages

After another disappointing early playoff exit, the LA Clippers could look much different next season. Paul George, who is the Clippers second-best player, is set to head to free agency if he and the Clippers can't agree to an extension before June 30th.

Meanwhile, Russell Westbrook and James Harden will also be free agents and Westbrook seems unlikely to return. With the uncertainty surrounding the roster, the Clippers may be aggressive in free agency.

Actually, they are expected to target Chris Paul, Kyle Lowry, and DeMar DeRozan this summer, according to NBA insiders Marc Stein and Mike Scotto. Paul is under contract for $30 million but it's not guaranteed and his current team, the Golden State Warriors, may trade him to make use of his deal.

Can the Clippers land DeRozan, Paul, and Lowry?

That may eventually lead to him being waived or bought out by whatever team acquires him, which could open the door for Paul to return to the Clippers. He spent seven seasons in L.A. and led them to the playoffs each of those years.

His return would be both a great storyline and also help the Clippers on the cheap. Lowry spent part of last season with the Philadelphia 76ers and will be an unrestricted free agent. While he is no longer the six-time all-star he once was, he still has something to give the Clippers if they sign him.

Lastly, there is DeRozan, who will also become a free agent if he and the Chicago Bulls can't agree to a new deal. They reportedly offered a 2-year, $80 million deal, which the Clippers won't be able to offer anything near.

However, if he wants to play in his home state, less than an hour from where he grew up, and possibly compete for a championship, then he may consider joining the Clippers this summer to replace Paul. If they were to somehow add Lowry, Paul, and DeRozan, it may be a cheaper short-term alternative to retaining Westbrook and George.

There is also the possibility that George re-signs with the team, and L.A. is able to still sign one or two of the mentioned players, making the Clippers a team to watch this summer.