NBA Mock Draft Roundup: Detroit adds a 7'1 behemoth; Spurs and Wiz add elite PGs

Isaiah Collier
Isaiah Collier / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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3rd Pick: Washington Wizards-Isaiah Collier

The Wizards haven't had a 15+ game losing streak this season but they have managed to keep pace with the Spurs and Pistons as one of the worst teams in the NBA. Unlike those teams, they don't have a player who has a chance to be a star so they are especially desperate for a high lottery pick. While they are mocked to pick third, they could still find that star in the 2024 draft.

USC guard Isaiah Collier is arguably the best point guard in the draft and may fall to Washington if everything breaks right for them. He would give them someone who could help with what is looking like an extended rebuild.

Collier is a big guard known for his craft as a scorer and passer but he isn't considered to be a great shooter just yet and has been criticized for his defensive effort. That being said, there aren't many 19-year-old prospects without flaws so the Wizards could take him in the hope that he can be their primary shot creator for years to come.