NBA Mock Draft Roundup: Detroit adds a 7'1 behemoth; Spurs and Wiz add elite PGs

Isaiah Collier
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The NBA Draft is still seven months away, but for several teams near the bottom of the standings, that can't come soon enough. The Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, and Washington Wizards have the distinction of being the three worst teams in the NBA, and each team could use plenty of help.

That is something that the 2024 draft class could provide, even though the Pistons and Spurs selected first overall in 2021 and 2023, respectively. The fact that both are in free fall is concerning and calls into question their rebuilds. Meanwhile, the Wizards finally hit the reset button by trading star Bradley Beal, and they are looking for their next franchise player.

1st Pick: Detroit Pistons-Alexandre Saar

Despite already having a bunch of big men, the Pistons are expected to have the first overall pick and select Alexandre Saar. The top of the draft isn't as clear as it was a year ago, but Saar is Bleacher Report's pick at number one, and he'd give Detroit a 7'1 anchor to build around.

He is projected to be a game-changing rim protector and an interior scoring threat with range out to three that would give the Pistons help on both ends of the floor. With the Pistons likely to clean house and turn over their roster ahead of and after the draft by potentially moving Bojan Bogdanovic and James Wiseman, they'll still have a need in the frontcourt.

Moreover, they can't afford to pass on Saar if they are in a position to draft him in June 2024. Saar would be paired with Cade Cunningham, whose play has been called out during the team's 21-game losing streak.

But with another franchise cornerstone to play with, hopefully both will benefit from playing with one another. With the Pistons on pace to win just eight games, clinch the worst record in the league for a second straight season, and set the NBA record for fewest wins, they could use some good news. Drafting Saar would qualify.