2024 NBA Mock Draft Roundup: Detroit adds elite wing, Spurs land playmaking savant

Alexandre Sarr
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NBA Mock Draft: Picks 4-10

Interestingly enough, in Bleacher Reports' latest mock draft, the two top prospects took a tumble, with 7'1 center Alexandre Saar falling from one to four and Isaiah Collier from third to eighth. That would be a boon to the Portland Trail Blazers, who can pair scoot Henderson with a player who can anchor a defense and has enough offensive potential to be an all-star if he fully develops.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Bulls could get a future starting point guard in Collier, who's known for his craft, though he is rough around the edges with his shooting and turnover issues. Obviously, things can and almost certainly will change with the NBA Draft still six months away but it shows how fluid the top of the 2024 draft can be.

Unlike the 2023 NBA draft, where the top 3 picks were all but decided months in advance, there appear to be several possible player combinations for the top slots this time around. That could be made all the more complicated by the differing needs of the three teams with the worst records.

Zaccharie Risacher, a 6'8 teenage sharpshooter from France, could very well move up but is currently slotted at six with the Charlotte Hornets. Additionally, Ja'Kobe Walter could also rise given his potential as a ready-made three-and-d wing at just 19 years old. He is currently slated to go to the Jazz at seventh, proving that there is talent outside of the top 3 and that the draft order is far from settled.