2024 NBA Mock Draft Roundup: Detroit adds elite wing, Spurs land playmaking savant

Alexandre Sarr
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2nd pick: San Antonio Spurs-Nikola Topic

With 2023 number-one overall pick Victor Wembanyama living up to expectations, it's a wonder why the San Antonio Spurs aren't better. The most obvious reason is that they have struggled to get their best player the ball. That lack of playmaking has torpedoed their season and they seem destined for another top-3 pick, which Bleacher Report expects them to use on Serbian point guard Nikola Topic.

Topic is arguably the best passer in the draft and that alone would seemingly make him a perfect fit for the Spurs, who have been in need of a starting-caliber point guard since trading Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks.

While they likely don't regret that move since it netted them three firsts, a pick swap, and helped them bottom out to land Wembanyama, they probably didn't expect to be this bad at point guard. Part of the reason was that they hoped that former 12th overall pick Joshua Primo could be their long-term answer at the position, with Tre Jones serving as a capable backup.

However, after Primo was cut, there aren't any prospects at point guard that the Spurs could mold into a starting-caliber guard capable of getting their best player the ball. Topic could be that player if they do end up with the second pick, as Bleacher Report predicts.