NBA Mock Draft 1.0: Blazers, Grizzlies land elite prospects, Spurs add top PG. More!

Connecticut v Georgetown
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NBA Mock Draft: Selections 14–12

14. Portland Trailblazers (via Golden State): Ryan Dunn, Wing, Virginia 

Because this class is surrounded by so much uncertainty, teams will be willing to take players who know their role and identity. Ryan Dunn will be a first-round selection for his clear role as a high-level defender. Dunn, an energetic athlete, spent his past two seasons at Virginia, where he was one of the most impactful wing defenders. 

At 6'8, Dunn moves quickly, allowing him to consistently stay with opposing players. Dunn is very aware of off-ball clogging passing lanes with his length, resulting in steals. He's shown above-the-rim skills by making high-level blocks that send the rock flying away. 

While very limited on the offensive end, Dunn will need to use his athletic advantage to make smart cuts to the rim to finish plays and be conscious with the ball. Portland has their center pieces for their rebuild and surrounding Scoot and Sarr with role players will be a key factor in deciding how this rebuild fares, making Ryan Dunn the perfect selection. 

13. New Orleans Pelicans: Donovan Clingan, Big UConn

As previously stated, UConn will garner more attention than most teams this postseason. And while Stephone Castle may be the highest-quality prospect on the roster, scouts may be more interested in big man Donovan Clingan and how he bounces back from his right foot injury. 

His efficient interior dominance makes Clingan so valuable on both the collegiate and professional levels. Around the rim, Clingan has a soft touch while being a consistent lob finisher. The Connecticut native scores mainly off of put-backs and rolls. The well-coordinated big shots leap well, swatting close shots.

Questions reside about Clingan's health, athleticism, and overall versatility. Clingan isn't explosive or fast, leading to him being clearly uncomfortable in specific pick-and-roll situations that involve hedging. Jonas Valanciunas heads into this summer as an unrestricted free agent, leaving Nola's frontcourt depth thin and the opportunity for Clingan to contribute early. 

12. Oklahoma City Thunder (via Houston): Kyle Filipowski, Big Duke

It's hard to believe that the Oklahoma City Thunder can add even more young talent to their flourishing young core, which is already second in the West. OKC would have the chance to add a former Five Star recruit and one of the best collegiate players in the country, Kyle Filipowski. Flip is such an intriguing prospect due to his impressive footwork and footspeed for a big man. 

Despite his size, he's best equipped to guard on the perimeter due to being better as a switcher than in drop coverage. Passing has become an increasingly vital skill for NBA bigs, something Filipowski does well. He sees cutting teammates easily from the high post to the block. 

The big swing skill for Flip is his shooting. He's hesitant to shoot three at a time, while being a little rigid when shooting. And while he can move his feet, as an overall athlete, Filipowski is underwhelming. Flip would take an off-ball role with OKC, playmaking for his future all-star teammates.