NBA Mock Draft 1.0: Blazers, Grizzlies land elite prospects, Spurs add top PG. More!

Connecticut v Georgetown
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The limelight of basketball for most of its history has been the NBA and it makes sense—it's the highest level of basketball there is with the supposed highest competition level. However, every March, the basketball community's focus shifts from professional organizations to the many collegiate teams as the NCAA postseason begins, meaning nonstop basketball for a month.

While college basketball dominates the month, there are still major implications for the NBA. During March Madness, it's common for players to elevate their play to the highest level and prove they are NBA players. While most teams have started shifting their game plan and mindset to the playoffs, others will be paying close attention to the madness.

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NBA Mock Draft: Selections 30-15

30. Boston Celtics: Alex Karaban, forward, UConn

29. Oklahoma City Thunder: Kyshawn George, Wing, Miami

28. Minnesota Timberwolves: Milan Momcilovic, forward, Iowa State

27. Denver Nuggets: Ajay Mitchell, Guard, UCSB

26. Cleveland Cavaliers: Tristan Da Silva, Wing, Colorado 

25. Washington Wizards: Tidjane Salaun, Forward, Cholet

24. Milwaukee Bucks: Kel'el Ware, Big, Indiana 

23. New Orleans Pelicans: Dillon Jones, Wing, Weber St.

22. New York Knicks: Daron Holmes II, Big Dayton 

21. Phoenix Suns: Trey Alexander, Guard, Creighton

20. Atlanta Hawks: Tyler Smith, forward, G-League Ignite

19. Miami Heat: Devin Carter, Guard, Providence

18. New York Knicks: Jared McCain, Guard, Duke

17. Philadelphia 76ers: Isaiah Collier, Guard, USC

16. Orlando Magic: Dalton Knecht, Guard, Tennessee

15. Toronto Raptors: Yves Messi, Big Baylor