NBA insider's surprising theory about LeBron's future should concern Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers face uncertainty surrounding LeBron James' return and an NBA insider's theory about his future probably isn't what they want to hear.
LeBron James
LeBron James / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers may find themselves in a tough spot this summer, with both teams having to deal with uncertainty surrounding their best players. Lakers star LeBron James can become a free agent in the offseason and Los Angeles may have to lure a third star there to convince him to stay.

On the other hand, the Cavs may be forced to trade star Donovan Mitchell ahead of his free agency next summer, with him unlikely to sign a contract extension. Interestingly enough, however, ESPN's Brian Windhorst heavily hinted that LeBron might be willing to return to Cleveland after he showed up to a Cavaliers home playoff game.

That may sound far-fetched but LeBron returning to Cleveland to finish out his career would make sense. They have a core of Mitchell, Darius Garland, and Evan Mobley, and adding LeBron to that core would make them a championship contender. That would give him another chance at a championship. Especially one in Cleveland and his return might even convince Mitchell to stay too, which would only add to LeBron's legacy.

Would LeBron James actually leave the Los Angeles Lakers to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers?

LeBron leaving the Lakers would potentially increase his chances of making another trip to the NBA Finals, particularly with the Denver Nuggets still in the Western Conference. Nevertheless, the Lakers may very well trade for a third star, which would dramatically change the team's outlook.

That is a possibility, and L.A. will probably even target Mitchell as well as Trae Young, though the thought of LeBron leaving town can't be completely dismissed. Especially if Windhorst's suggestion is to be believed.

Ultimately, LeBron returning to Cleveland to watch the Cavs could be as innocent as that. However, with him able to become a free agent, it might put pressure on L.A. to be more aggressive and make trades to improve their roster this summer.