NBA History: 25 former NBA stars you forgot dominated the league 

Gilbert Arenas
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14) World B. Free

With a name like World B. Free, it is hard to believe that he would be largely forgotten but few remember that he was an elite scorer at the top of his game. Free started his career with the Philadelphia 76ers, establishing himself as a capable starter but his career really took off when he was dealt to the San Diego Clippers.

In two seasons with the Clippers, he averaged 28.2 points and 30.2 points per game, respectively. That feat was made all the more impressive by the fact that the 3-point line had just become a thing in the NBA and few players even attempted them. Instead, he relied on drawing contact and living at the free throw line.

He averaged at least 10 free throw attempts per game for three straight seasons, including after being traded to the Warriors. His scoring dipped, but only slightly, and he went on to average better than 22 points per game for six straight seasons for the Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers.

His career flamed out due to injuries but not before putting up terrific scoring numbers for eight consecutive seasons and amassing nearly 18,000 points. Despite that, Free made just one all-star appearance and isn't in the Hall of Fame, proving that has become forgotten over time.