NBA Draft: Bronny James' rollercoaster combine proves he's the ultimate wildcard 

Bronny James
Bronny James / David Becker/GettyImages

All eyes have been on draft prospect Bronny James at the NBA Draft Combine. Bronny, who is the son of NBA legend LeBron James, is one of the most talked-about prospects, despite most mock drafts having him go undrafted.

While there have been some positives, including him hitting 19 threes in a 3-point drill, showing that he has shooting potential, there have also been some negatives. He scored just four points in the scrimmage, though played better in the second one, and measured 6'1 1/2, far shorter than his listed height of 6'4.

To his credit, he does have a massive 6'7 1/4 wingspan that is nearly six inches longer than his height and a terrific 40.5-inch vertical leap. Despite that, it's hard to see his role in the NBA.

Where will Bronny James be drafted?

As a 6'1 player that many saw as a wing, his height limits him to being a guard. Nevertheless, he didn't show enough to suggest that he could be a primary ball handler or enough of a shooter to play shooting guard. Then again, his length and athleticism don't foreclose the possibility that he may carve out a role in the NBA.

Being a star is almost certainly out of the question for Bronny but there are three-and-d guards who have limited offensive skills but can shoot well enough to not be a problem. Meanwhile, they make their living on the defensive end. Gary Payton II might be a good example, though he went undrafted, and it took time for him to earn a role in the league. James probably will get drafted, though it's hard to see a team taking him in the first round.

Instead, he may be selected in the first half of the second round, where taking a flyer on a prospect with the tools to be an NBA player is more common. Whether he actually becomes one is anyone's guess, but the pedigree and physical tools are there. Still, he'll have to find a role in the league and that might be harder than initially thought.