The latest intel suggests the Lakers are willing to all-out to land third superstar

LeBron James
LeBron James / Harry How/GettyImages

The struggling Los Angeles Lakers are seen as probable buyers ahead of the NBA trade deadline after having their name come up in rumor after rumor. The Lakers have already been linked to players such as Washington's Tyus Jones, Utah's Collin Sexton, and, of course, Atlanta's Dejounte Murray. However, according to ESPN's Dave McMenamin, the Lakers have considered making a monster offer to Cleveland for Donovan Mitchell or to Atlanta for Trae Young.

Although the Lakers don't have many remaining trade assets, they could scrape together two first-round picks in a deal for a star. Though, the stars that are available don't necessarily warrant multiple firsts but Mitchell and Young, on the other hand, certainly would.

Do the Lakers have enough assets to trade for another superstar?

The Lakers can offer two first-round picks for Mitchell or Young. However, it's unclear which picks as of yet due to the New Orleans Pelicans being able to choose whether they want Los Angeles' selections this year or next year. Still, the Lakers can also offer a distant first-round pick swap, which may be very valuable, and they would probably strongly consider moving Austin Reaves if it meant that they could get Young or Mitchell in return.

Two distant firsts, a pick swap, and Reaves would be a surprisingly strong potential package, though the Cavaliers probably aren't going to trade Mitchell during the season, if at all. As for the Hawks, they have made Young off-limits in trade talks but if they're willing to trade everyone else on their roster and rebuild around him, they may not be that far off from trading him.

Or, better yet for the Lakers, Young could demand a trade with them being on his short list, as often appears to be the case when a star wants out. Unfortunately for Los Angeles, neither scenario seems likely by the trade deadline. With LeBron James potentially playing his final season with the Lakers, that means that they will probably have to make a smaller move to improve their chances of making the playoffs.

That would probably require them to use up some of the assets that they might have otherwise saved for when a bigger star became available. With a number of possible trade options for the Lakers, odds are they will make a deal or two before the deadline.