It's time to stop taking Luka Doncic's greatness for granted

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Doncic should be receiving more MVP consideration

While all great NBA players eventually reach the point where fans become used to their incredible feats, it is much too early for that to be the case with Luka. For example, Lebron James was considered the best player alive for more than a decade, yet has been named MVP just four times. As we became accustomed to Lebron's greatness and voter fatigue set in, it was only natural for fans and the media to celebrate newer great talents who had yet to win the award.

We also saw this to some extent in last year's MVP race. Nikola Jokic had won the prior two MVPs and was arguably better last season when he finished in second. Many around the league cited voter fatigue as the reason that he did not win the award for the third straight year.

The problem with Luka Doncic is that it feels as though fatigue has already set in around him, despite him not yet earning the hardware that typically comes with that. For example, the majority of discourse around the league this season has been about the historic scoring pace that Joel Embiid is on. While Embiid has been unbelievable, and his 35.3 ppg is an incredible feat, Luka averages 34.7 ppg, just 0.6 behind Embiid. Outside of one James Harden season, no perimeter player has scored at this high of a clip since the likes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Additionally, Doncic has played in six more games than Embiid. Luka has also been without his best teammate, Kyrie Irving for 20 games this season, meaning that most nights his best teammate has been Derrick Lively, a rookie center. Embiid, on the other hand, has seen his soon-to-be All-Star running mate, Tyrese Maxey, miss just four games all season.