Grading 4 NBA trade deadline targets from no-brainer to most-avoid

Tyus Jones, Kyle Kuzma
Tyus Jones, Kyle Kuzma / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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1) Miles Bridges

Highly controversial Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges has surprisingly seen his name come up in trade talks with teams such as the Phoenix Suns, expressing interest. On the surface, their interest, as well as other teams' interest, makes sense. After sitting out all of last season, Bridges has come back and mostly played well. averaging 21.2 points and 7.1 rebounds per game this season.

He is also on an expiring contract, meaning that he might be more affordable than he otherwise would be. Had it not been for his incredibly serious off-court behavior, he would be making far more than he is now and out of reach for teams such as the Suns. Since Bridges is on a one-year contract, he has a no-trade clause, so he can help choose his next team.

That being said, the teams interested in him should be wary of signing him, given his off-court issues and the negative publicity that it would bring. Even if he helps their team, trading for him could be seen as a franchise excusing or ignoring his behavior. Based on that, teams would be wise to avoid trading for him altogether.