Grade the Trades: Evaluating the 5 most significant deals of the NBA Trade Deadline

Orlando Magic v Detroit Pistons
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76ers-Bucks trade

Trade #3: 

This deadline was a case of one step forward, two steps back for Philly. They essentially helped solve the Bucks’ number one issue (defense) with one trade. Beverley has given the Sixers something they have lacked the past couple of years: toughness, leadership, and defense. Beverley was the veteran presence this team needed. Yet, they decided to trade him to a conference rival, who is seeking the same thing Philly is.

As for the Bucks, everyone in the basketball world knew that they could not guard a parked car. Beverley fixes that problem immediately. He may not be the Jrue Holiday the Bucks have been missing this year, but he is by far the best perimeter defender on the roster. They got a huge upgrade for the price of Cam Payne and a second-round pick. Hats off to the Bucks front office for that one.

Philly started off the day with a bang, but ended with a dud. The Bucks have taken a huge step in solving their defensive problem and will probably be thanking their lucky stars come playoff time with Beverley in the green and white.

Sixers grade: F

Bucks grade: A-