Grade the Trades: 5 win-now moves that could rescue Golden State's season

Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins
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Grade the Trade #3: Warriors land two shooters.

This particular trade proposal is notable for the Warriors since it would see them trade two non-shooters for two respected ones. Bogdanović is far and away Detroit's best shooter, drilling 40.7% of his 7.4 3-point attempts per game and averaging nearly than 20 points per contest.

That type of explosive shooting would be especially valuable to the Warriors, who, despite some offensive issues this season—i.e., playing much slower than in recent seasons—still have two of the best shooters in NBA history.

Their spacing would get even better with Bogdanović there to punish teams that dare leave him open. Additionally, they would have Burkes, who is a respected shooter in his own right but not as prolific as Bogdanović. Add in a distant first-round pick and a distant second-round pick, and Detroit would certainly have Golden State's attention.

Acquiring Bogdanović and Burke would require them to send back Kuminga and Green, but the return value would be worth it. Not to mention that they would get out of having to pay Green the remaining $75 million of his four-year contract. That alone would be like receiving a first-round pick since it ensures that they aren't stuck with an erratic and declining player, and they can sell it as sending Green home to Michigan.

They'd even recoup value from Kuminga after bungling his development while giving him a chance to get a much bigger opportunity in Detroit. Ultimately, the trade would be a no-brainer for the Warriors but perhaps less so for Detroit since they turned down two first for Bogdanović but would be giving up one and taking back a terrible contract to land Kuminga. Trade Grade: C+