Grade the Trades: 5 win-now moves that could rescue Golden State's season

Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins
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GSW-Jazz trade

Grade the Trade #4: Warriors add a skilled veteran big man.

Next up is a proposed deal that would send Utah center Kelly Olynyk to Golden State in exchange for Gary Payton II and Kuminga. Olynyk is a sought-after big man given his shooting touch and ability to drive and pass. A skilled offensive big man could work incredibly well in Golden State and find success playing with Steph Curry and Chris Paul. Still, Bleacher Report's proposal leaves a lot to be desired.

Payton II makes sense as matching salary given that, while he is a useful player, he can't seem to stay healthy, limiting his value. Kuminga has played very well over the last month of the season but has failed to carve out a big role. He could do so in Utah, but trading him in a deal for Olynyk could be a disaster.

After all, Kuminga still has plenty of upside, while Olynyk is a solid bench piece. It would be easy to see that turning into a lopsided trade in the Jazz's favor. Taking that into account, it's safe to say that this proposal is underwhelming and deserves a D.