Grade the Trades: 5 win-now moves that could rescue Golden State's season

Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins
Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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The Golden State Warriors dynasty appears to be winding down as they struggle through yet another regular season. Thus far, they have struggled with inconsistent play from some of their best players, including Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins, injuries, and even multiple suspensions—all from Draymond Green.

Add in the drama stemming from inconsistent playing time for Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody, and it seems like the Warriors could and should look to shake things up by making a big in-season trade. Actually, Bleacher Report's Andy Bailey recently proposed several potential trade options that could greatly improve the Warriors, but would any of them actually save their season? Let's grade the trades!

Warriors-ATL trade

Grade the Trade #5: Warriors trade for a starting center.

First up, we have a potential deal that would send Jonathan Kuminga and Draymond Green to the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for Clint Capela and AJ Griffin. It is an interesting proposal that has things that both teams should like. Capela is one of the better-starting centers in the NBA, known for his athletic finishes, stellar rebounding, and terrific rim protection.

He'd be an immediate frontcourt upgrade for Golden State, while Griffin has yet to carve out a role in Atlanta, despite being selected 16th overall in 2022. He is a terrific shooter and could ironically find a role in Golden State that Kuminga hasn't.

As for Atlanta, they are reportedly looking to retool around Trae Young and Jalen Johnson, and Kuminga would be a nice addition as they look to build up a more competitive roster. Green, on the other hand, wouldn't make much sense and his contract is bad.

However, a playoff team such as the Dallas Mavericks or Miami Heat may have interest in trading for him if Atlanta is willing to take back other bad contracts in addition to assets. The trade would also clear out playing time for backup center Onyeka Okongwu, who looks ready to step into a starting role. Overall, the deal has benefits for both sides. Trade Grade: B-