Grade the Trade: Warriors add a star in this daring proposed deal with Raptors

Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

Nearly one quarter through the NBA season, and cracks are beginning to emerge on the Golden State Warriors. While the Warriors started strong, they have struggled of late, though there is hope that they can figure things out. If they can't, then Golden State may need to look at drastic options to improve their title hopes, which appear nonexistent at the moment.

One option could be to trade one of their all-stars in hopes of bolstering their roster, with names such as Chris Paul and even Klay Thompson being suggested as possible options. However, Bill Simmons of the Ringer has proposed an interesting deal that would allow them to keep Paul and Thompson while allowing them to dramatically upgrade. But would the Warriors do the deal? Let's grade the trade!

GSW-Raps trade

Grade the Trade: The Warriors add Pascal Siakam in a proposed blockbuster deal.

Simmons' proposed trade would see the Warriors ship out Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Kuminga for Toronto Raptors star Pascal Siakam. His hypothetical trade is more of a framework for a trade, but it could be the basis of a swap for Siakam. To make the deal legal, the Warriors would have to add Moses Moody and Trayce Jackson-Davis to match salaries with Siakam.

That would mean the Warriors would have to give up on two promising recent lottery picks, Kuminga and Moody, and a big man with potential in Jackson-Davis. That would definitely hurt, but with Kuminga and Moody potentially hitting restricted free agency after next season, they may have a tough time keeping them if another team decides to throw a decent offer sheet their way.

Meanwhile, Wiggins has played poorly. In fact, there was even a recent report stating that there are people within the Warriors who have been disappointed with his conditioning, which has likely contributed to his struggles this season. With Wiggins under contract for three more seasons, they may be willing to move him to get off his contract and even their three prospects if it means that they don't have to give up a future first.

For Toronto, they would get two recent lottery picks that have played well this season, and they would be in a better position to extend both. While Wiggins may be struggling, the Raptors could potentially rehab his value like the Warriors did, with the goal of trading him later on for more assets.

Toronto may receive other offers for Siakam that include picks, so agreeing to the deal would be dependent on how they view Kuminga and Moody. If they like both, then they may be willing to part with Siakam, especially if the Warriors include a first-round pick.

For Golden State, they would probably strongly consider the deal since Wiggins is a negative asset at the moment, and they may not be able to re-sign Moody and Kuminga, meaning they wouldn't have a lot to lose and plenty to gain. Grade: B+