Grade the Trade: Kings add perfect Sabonis partner in proposed deal with Pistons

Domantas Sabonis
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Would the Kings accept this trade?

While Kevin Huerter is a potential piece of Sacramento's core, this is a trade proposal they'd have to accept and actively have interest in. Stewart is two years younger than the sharpshooter, and he's established his versatile, well-rounded offensive game. Stewart shoots four threes per game, making 38 percent of his threes. For context, Huerter shot just 36 percent last season on 10 points per game after career-best 2022-23 season, when he averaged 15 points and shot 40 percent from three.

The Kings have spent much of their last few seasons playing with Keegan Murray and Harrison Barnes both in the frontcourt, often too small or slow against other teams. Barnes is also a negative as a rebounder, where he averaged just three rebounds. Starting Stewart gives the Kings wing depth off the bench behind Keegan Murray, but it also enables them to bring Stewart off the bench and keep the continuity of their current starting five post-Huerter (insert Keon Ellis).

Stewart gives the Kings some much-needed defensive rebounding, tenacity, toughness, and youth in comparison to Harrison Barnes in the lineup. Sacramento could feel obligated to move Barnes in efforts of still filling out the roster or handling their new need at guard. The Kings attempt to solidify several of their needs (size, defense, rebounding), without losing their strength of team shooting.

It's not flashy. It doesn't involve any high-level, instantly recognizable players. But, it's an easy, win-win trade for both teams. In today's game, recent teams have won titles because of their depth and overall roster construction, not because of the chase of building a super-team that inevitably collapses. If Sacramento wants to be acknowledged as a contender in the league, they'll have to improve the roster without overdoing it. For Detroit, the goal is to simply become competitive again.