Grade the Trade: Kings add perfect Sabonis partner in proposed deal with Pistons

Domantas Sabonis
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Would the Pistons accept this trade?

Rather than continuing to stress the importance of shooting for Detroit's roster (and the lack of it they have), Huerter solidifies a potential issue the Pistons. Detroit has to find a way to make Cade Cunningham and Jaden Ivey compatible in their backcourt. When both on the court, Ivey has struggled, with his best games appearing to be when Cunningham leaves the floor or is injured. Meanwhile, Cunningham doesn't seem to be as affected by Ivey's presence, playing or not.

The Pistons attempted to move Ivey to the bench this season, attempting to stagger the minutes of Cunningham and Ivey, which had mixed results. However, the lack of shooting on the roster makes it tougher to find a rhythm offensively, but easier to focus on an opponent's top players. Detroit acquired Simone Fontecchio from Utah prior to the trade deadline last season, and his shooting helped open up scoring opportunities for the team.

By adding Huerter to the mix, roles can be solidified and a much cleaner offensive scheme can be created. Huerter and Fontecchio on the perimeter besides Cade Cunningham in the starting lineup is a much more fluid backcourt, with the ball in the franchise guard's hands. Additionally, Ivey can transform his game to become effective off of the bench in non-Cunningham minutes and in closing lineups. Think of Jaden Ivey as Detroit's Malik Monk. A high-level, combo guard off the bench.