Game Changers: 10 rising superstars shaping the future of the NBA

Memphis Grizzlies v Oklahoma City Thunder
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7) Franz Wagner-Orlando Magic

Franz Wagner has emerged as a rising star in basketball, catching the attention of scouts and fans alike with his exceptional skills as a big wing scorer. In today's NBA, the demand for versatile players who can score from multiple positions has never been higher, and Wagner fits the bill perfectly.

Standing at an impressive 6'10" with a slight frame, he possesses the size and length to dominate on both ends of the court. However, it is his offensive abilities that truly set him apart. With a smooth shooting stroke and a high basketball IQ, Wagner can create his shot and knock down jumpers from beyond the arc.

His ability to finish at the rim with authority and his knack for finding open teammates make him a valuable asset in any offensive scheme. Moreover, Wagner is a tenacious defender, using his length to disrupt passing lanes and contest shots. This combination of offensive prowess and defensive intensity has made him a highly sought-after prospect in the NBA.

As the league continues to evolve, the need for big-wing scorers like Franz Wagner only grows, and it's no surprise that he is considered one of the most coveted archetypes in the game today.