Former NBA Countdown host gets roasted by Lakers fans for firing shot at LeBron

Indiana Pacers v Los Angeles Lakers: Championship - 2023 NBA In-Season Tournament
Indiana Pacers v Los Angeles Lakers: Championship - 2023 NBA In-Season Tournament / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

With Saturday's win over the Indiana Pacers, the Los Angeles Lakers were crowned champions of the inaugural In-Season Tournament, with LeBron taking home the first-ever Tournament MVP Award. Unfortunately, as Nick Wright predicted on First Things First, this accomplishment was met with both praise and criticism.

The tournament itself was met with skepticism and hate by many fans and media members when it was first introduced, despite the actual players embracing the idea. But with the conclusion of the tournament, former NBA Countdown host Michelle Beadle took this time as an opportunity to take a shot at LeBron James.

Although she doesn't mention LeBron specifically, it was relatively obvious who this tweet was directed at. Typically, a tweet like this wouldn't be polarizing, as LeBron has been criticized his entire 21-year career regardless of the results on the court. But this wasn't an objective opinion from a journalist and reporter. This was personal; NBA fans knew it and weren't having it.

NBA fans clap back at Michelle Beadle for tweet slighting Lebron

For those who are unaware, Beadle has accused LeBron in the past of trying to have her fired from ESPN when she was the host of NBA Countdown. She's admitted to taking it personally (as would anyone in her shoes) and even alleged that she's not the only person he's tried to have removed from their station. Many fans believe she's still harboring ill feelings toward LeBron, and this tweet was personal and they began to clap back and defend King James.

Many people made note of having a personal vendetta against Bron and accused her of being bitter.

Some accused her of being an attention seeker and savagely trolled her about her career.

One of my favorite comments involves notorious Boston Celtics fan Bill Simmons catching a stray from one hilarious fan.

Many of the responses were a little friendlier and less personal, trolling her for being a San Antonio Spurs fan and poking fun at their record.

There were plenty more knee-slapping responses that didn't make the article because they were NSFW. All in all, Beadle learned a valuable lesson. If you decide to poke the bear, expect his cubs to come to his defense.