Every NBA team's playoff chances ranked from pipe dream to probable

Los Angeles Lakers v Charlotte Hornets
Los Angeles Lakers v Charlotte Hornets / David Jensen/GettyImages
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The Play-In Tier

Chicago Bulls (26-29)

The Chicago Bulls still have a good shot at the play-in tournament and have some good experioence that could propel them to a couple of wins there. The team doesn't have a significantly high ceiling without Lonzo Ball and Zach LaVine, but that's a separate issue, as is the future of a franchise that hasn't made a trade involving active players in three years.

Golden State Warriors (27-26)

It's been a chaotic season for the Golden State Warriors, from the Draymond Green suspensions to the Klay Thompson benching to the tragic passing of their assistant coach. And yet, the squad remains in position to make the play-in tournament. It's not a good idea to bet against the best shooter in NBA history, Steph Curry, to take over a game or two to push Golden State to the postseason.

Los Angeles Lakers (30-26)

The Los Angeles Lakers stood pat at the trade deadline, so they're hoping to make a run with what they've got. On the one hand, what they have this season has been barely above .500, even with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. On the other hand, the Lakers went through the play-in last year before making a run to the Western Conference Finals. Take that as you'd like.