Every NBA team's best and worst contracts: From bargain to nightmare

Mikal Bridges, Ben Simmons
Mikal Bridges, Ben Simmons / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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Oklahoma City Thunder

Bargain contract: Chet Holmgren

The red-shirt rookie has been as good as advertised and has given the Thunder a long-term building block to pair with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Better still, he is on his rookie contract for two more seasons for a combined $25 million.

Nightmare contract: Gordon Hayward

The Thunder acquired Hayward to add experience to a relatively young team and he should provide that but he is the second-highest-paid player on OKC at the moment. Fortunately, he is on an expiring contract so it won't negatively affect the Thunder's books going forward.

Utah Jazz

Bargain contract: Lauri Markkanen

Following the Donovan Mitchell trade, Lauri Markkanen has proven to be a terrific addition to the Jazz, averaging an impressive 24.5 points while shooting 39.6% on threes as well as 8.5 rebounds per game. That terrific production would normally come from a player on a max contract but Markkanen is making just $17 million this season and $18 million next season.

Nightmare contract: John Collins

After being dumped on the Utah Jazz by the Atlanta Hawks, Collins has failed to bounce back and is owed more than $53 million over the next two seasons. That is an ugly contract, and the Jazz might have a tough time offloading his deal.