Every NBA team's best and worst contracts: From bargain to nightmare

Mikal Bridges, Ben Simmons
Mikal Bridges, Ben Simmons / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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Cleveland Cavaliers

Bargain contract: Evan Mobley

Rising star Evan Mobley hasn't broken out just yet but he has managed to improve his efficiency while still being a terrific defender. He is also still on his rookie deal, which will pay him just $8.5 million next season.

Nightmare contract: Caris Levert

Levert plays a big role for the Cavaliers but hasn't played all that well. He isn't exactly efficient, and the Cavs could probably replace him but he is owed more than $15 million next season.

Milwaukee Bucks

Bargain contract: Malik Beasley

After making $15 million last season for the Lakers, Malik Beasley signed with the Bucks for the veteran's minimum and he's been a steal. He's averaging 11.4 points while shooting 43.6% of his 6.7 3-point attempts per game and has been a terrific signing for Milwaukee.

Nightmare contract: Damian Lillard

There has been significant slippage in Damian Lillard's numbers, which is to be expected given that he is 33. While his acquisition is responsible for convincing Giannis Antetokounmpo to sign his extension, there is still a chance that the Bucks could regret having to pay Lillard $107 million over the next three seasons as he continues to decline.

Chicago Bulls

Bargain contract: Coby White

Fifth-year guard Coby White is enjoying a breakout season, averaging 19.4 points on 58.4% true shooting. That gives the Bulls a potential building block going forward and an affordable one too, since he'll be making just $24.8 million over the next two seasons.

Nightmare contract: Lonzo Ball

Former third-overall pick Lonzo Ball hasn't played in the NBA in two and a half seasons but still has one year remaining on his contract that will pay him an unsightly $21.3 million.