Every NBA team's best and worst contracts: From bargain to nightmare

Mikal Bridges, Ben Simmons
Mikal Bridges, Ben Simmons / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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Boston Celtics

Bargain contract: Derrick White

In his second full season with the Celtics, Derrick White has proven to be the ultimate glue guy, averaging 15.1 points, 4 rebounds, and 4.9 assists with a stout defense. With him making an affordable $18.3 million this season and $19.5 million next season, he is a clear bargain for Boston.

Nightmare contract: Jaylen Brown

The Celtics don't have much in the way of bad contracts but the closest would likely be Jaylen Brown's. Brown has $320 million in guaranteed salary that will pay him between $49 and $65 million a season over the next five years. Brown is a great player but for that amount of money, he should be a top-10 player and he isn't.

Brooklyn Nets

Bargain contract: Cam Thomas

Third-year guard Cam Thomas is enjoying a breakout year in which he's averaging 21.2 points per game. That type of production from a 22-year-old is encouraging, and the fact that he is set to make just $4 million next season is a steal.

Nightmare contract: Ben Simmons

After playing just 15 games this year before being shut down this season, the future is far from certain for former number one overall pick Ben Simmons. He has played just 57 games over the last three seasons and is owed $40 million next season, making his contract one of the worst in the NBA.

Philadelphia 76ers

Bargain contract: Tyrese Maxey

Breakout star Tyrese Maxey is having a monster season, averaging 26 points and 6.3 assists while also shooting the leather off the ball from three. Although he's set to get paid this summer, he is making just $4 million this season, making him one of the best values in the NBA.

Nightmare contract: Tobias Harris

It's almost over; Tobias Harris is almost a free agent, and it might be cause for celebration for Sixers fans who view him as wildly overpaid. He is but not for long.