Every NBA team's best and worst contracts: From bargain to nightmare

Mikal Bridges, Ben Simmons
Mikal Bridges, Ben Simmons / Justin Ford/GettyImages
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Most fans of the NBA know just about everything about their favorite team, including the salaries of the players on the roster. With player salaries steadily rising, the need for bargain contracts has taken on increased importance, especially with the implementation of a tough new collective bargaining agreement that will penalize teams that are well above the luxury tax.

The dreaded second apron will keep teams from spending as recklessly as they once did. Even still, just about every team has a contract that they likely regret. With that in mind, let's take a look at every NBA team's best and worst contracts, from bargain to nightmare.

Atlantic Division

Toronto Raptors

Bargain contract: Scottie Barnes

First-time All-Star Scottie Barnes' season is already over. But he showed what many Raptors fans suspected—that he could be a key building block going forward. He will still be on his rookie contract for next season, making him both cheap and valuable.

Nightmare contract: Chris Boucher

Chris Boucher has been in and out of the Raptors rotation this season. Of course, he will still be with the Raptors next season and is owed $12.2 million. The Raptors could try to move him after the season is over or even just release him and bite the bullet but it's clearly a bad contract. 

New York Knicks

Bargain contract: Jalen Brunson

Since joining the Knicks last season, Jalen Brunson has been one of the best point guards in the NBA while also making $25 million a season for the next two seasons. That is far less than the going rate for the top point guard, thus making him a valuable deal.

Nightmare contract: N/A

The Knicks are short on bad contracts, so much so that it is hard to single one out as being questionable. The Knicks used to be good for several terrible deals, but they have really grown up.