Cause for concern? Why Wiggins' struggles are a sign of bigger issues for Warriors

Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns
Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

As the Golden State Warriors open the season by struggling to an 8-9 start, one lingering concern has caught the attention of fans and analysts alike – Andrew Wiggins' conditioning.

After enduring a challenging two-month absence from the team last season due to personal issues, one would expect an athlete like Wiggins to use the summer break to regain his fitness and work on his game. However, he did not seize this opportunity to get back in shape. This raises questions about his dedication and commitment to his sport.

When you couple Wiggins' issue with the struggles of Klay Thompson, we understand the reason for the slow start. In terms of shooting accuracy, Thompson has been performing at his lowest level so far in his career, with a field goal percentage of 40.2 percent and a three-point shooting percentage of 36.7 percent. Furthermore, his scoring rate has dropped to 15.0 points per game, the lowest he has achieved since his debut season in 2011-12.

The Warriors and Steph Curry need more from Andrew Wiggins.

The weight of carrying a team on his shoulders has taken a toll on none other than the basketball superstar, Steph Curry. Known for his incredible shooting skills and ability to will the Golden State Warriors to victory, Curry has faced immense pressure and expectations throughout his career. However, this season has proven incredibly challenging for him as inconsistency has plagued him and his teammates, leaving him to carry the team's performance.

Both Wiggins and Thompson have demonstrated the ability to dominate on the court, and they must regain their championship form to help their teams and fulfill their potential as elite athletes. With determination, hard work, and the right support system, there is no doubt that these two talented players can reclaim their status as champions.