All signs point to a major offseason shakeup for the Clippers

After again failing to make a deep playoff run, the LA Clippers will have tough decisions to make and may look significantly different next season.
Kawhi Leonard, Paul George
Kawhi Leonard, Paul George / Harry How/GettyImages

After again failing to make a deep playoff run, the LA Clippers may look significantly different next season. Back in 2019, they made the fateful decision to trade the five first-round picks and a young Shai Gilgeous-Alexander for Paul George.

That move also cleared the way for them to sign Kawhi Leonard and form what initially appeared to be a super team that could win multiple championships together. Instead, in five seasons together, the Clippers have only gone as far as the Western Conference Finals once, with either George or Leonard missing most or all of several of those playoff runs.

Now, they will have to decide whether to run it back next season, with George likely to hit free agency and other teams expected to pursue him. Thus far, the Clippers have decided against signing him to a max extension, which seems odd considering that they gave a massive contract to Leonard, who has been more injury-prone during his 5-year tenure in LA.

Not only that but sixth-man Russell Westbrook is reportedly considering leaving the Clippers this summer in hopes of a better role elsewhere. They will also have to find common ground on a new deal with James Harden or risk having three of their best players leave free agency.

Will the LA Clippers run it back next season?

The Clippers decision not to max out George is probably partially due to his age, with him being 34 and likely wanting a three- or four-year deal. That would make any team think twice, especially with a much harsher collective bargaining agreement that is designed to break up big-spending teams like the Clippers.

Letting George walk might hurt them in the short term, though it could give them more flexibility down the road with them being able to avoid the second apron. Still, letting George walk would mean that they would be giving up on the Leonard-George era after giving up five first-round picks and SGA, who is an MVP candidate for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Then again, it is already one of the worst trades in NBA history and has already negatively impacted the Clippers. By letting George walk, they wouldn't be following up on one bad decision with another. Doing the same with Westbrook would also allow the team to pursue other options, though they are limited in their ways to replace them. Ultimately, the Clippers may look significantly different next season, but taking a step back might help them in the long run.