A disappointing Zion Williamson update could force the Pelicans' hand

Zion Williamson
Zion Williamson / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Recently, there have been growing questions surrounding New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson. Zion has managed to stay healthy thus far this season, but his diet and conditioning are still issues.

In fact, the Pelicans have continued to get on him about not taking his diet seriously, which is especially concerning given his frame. Zion is 6'6 and built like a tank with elite athleticism, but carrying extra weight can not only limit his leaping ability but also increase the wear and tear on his legs.

Zion's defense has been called into question, with him frequently losing track of defensive assignments and giving questionable effort. Some of that can be attributed to him saving energy, which goes back to his diet. He mentioned that "it was hard to buy in [to the team]," and his actions suggest that he hasn't.

A former Pelican questions Zion Williamson's work ethic.

Former Pelican turned NBA analyst JJ Redick just recently weighed in on the Zion situation in New Orleans. Redick's comments should be particularly concerning since he saw Zion up close for two seasons and he knows what it takes to carve out a long and successful NBA career.

If Zion isn't doing everything that he can to maximize his talent, then he is far less likely to reach his full potential. Moreover, not taking his diet seriously could come back to bite him if and when injuries occur. Zion is only 23 but has been in the NBA for five seasons and has yet to put together a full season of sustained superstar play.

Ultimately, Zion has all the talent in the world, but if he doesn't take care of his body and buy in, he may not reach his full potential, and New Orleans may be forced to move him. The Pelicans hope that he will since he could be a superstar, but it starts with him.