7 NBA stars likely to make their first All-Star team in 2023–24

Victor Wembanyama
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1) Tyrese Maxey

Philadelphia 76ers guard Tyrese Maxey is enjoying the best season of his career and helping the Sixers get off to a strong start after being written off prior to the season. Through 24 games, he's averaging a terrific 25.9 points per game while shooting in elite 38.6% on 8 threes per game as well as dishing out 6.7 assists on average. That elite level of production has given reigning MVP Joel Emiid a co-star and given the Sixers flexibility to build around them going forward.

Maxey's play has helped the Sixers move on from the ugly James Harden situation sooner than expected, and Philadelphia actually seems better off. With the 76ers no longer handcuffed by the Harden drama, they have played ego-less ball.

In fact, the once-maligned Harden trade is increasingly looking like a steal for the Sixers. With Philadelphia getting two first-round picks, a distant pick swap, two second-round picks, and expiring contracts, they have everything they need to trade for a third star.

Had it not been for Maxey's breakout season, the Sixers would be in a far worse position, and Maxey may be rewarded for his stellar play with a spot on this year's Eastern Conference All-Star team.