7 NBA stars likely to make their first All-Star team in 2023–24

Victor Wembanyama
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2) Desmond Bane

With Ja Morant missing the Memphis Grizzlies' first 25 games of the season, guard Desmond Bane has been forced to pick up the slack. While the Grizzlies are just 6–18 thus far, Bane has kept them from being among the worst teams in the league with his terrific offensive play. Bane is averaging a career-high 24.9 points while shooting a stellar 37.9% from deep on 8.8 3-point attempts, in addition to 4.7 assists and 5.2 rebounds.

Despite those strong numbers, Bane faces an uphill battle to make his first NBA All-Star team, but he is deserving. He will almost certainly fail to make the team as a starter but could get recognition from coaches as a reserve selection or even an alternate, with a player or two always missing the game due to injury.

There is a chance that the Grizzlies will go on a run with Morant's return, helping to raise Bane's profile and his odds of making the team. But with NBA all-star voting ending on January 20, 2024, he and the Grizzlies would have less than a month to go on a big run.

There is also the chance that Morant negatively impacts Bane's numbers, further hurting his chances of making the team. Still, he should be in the mix for all-star consideration given his terrific play thus far.