6 NBA players who might get a signature sneaker after Anthony Edwards, Devin Booker

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Year after year, new NBA players get honored with signature sneakers of their own.

Two major players who debuted their first signatures this season are two of the best shooting guards in the NBA in Anthony Edwards and Devin Booker. Edwards has been rocking the Adidas AE 1s, which has a case to be the best signature sneaker league wide, while Booker has consistently been donning the Nike Book 1.

Seeing these two stars get their first signature sneakers got this writer thinking about which players could be next in line to receive the prestigious honor. Let's look at a few possible candidates.

No. 6 - Tyrese Maxey, Philadelphia 76ers

Making his first All-Star game this season, Tyrese Maxey is well on his way to stardom. The guard has been putting up incredible numbers on a nightly basis, cementing his status as one of the top guards in the game right now as he plays a key role for the Philadelphia 76ers. If he continues this trajectory, a signature shoe could undoubtedly be in his future.

Maxey is signed to New Balance, a brand that has been making noise in the basketball scene over the past few years, particularly with the TWO WXY line, currently on its fourth iteration. If the brand wants to continue beefing up their basketball line, they could look to introduce a signature for a star player like Maxey, who is quickly rising up the ranks of the best players in the business.

No. 5 - De'Aaron Fox, Sacramento Kings

This is an interesting one. De'Aaron Fox is signed to the Curry Brand, which is, of course, the brand of Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors affiliated with Under Armour. Giving him a sneaker under the brand, especially while Curry is still playing, might seem a bit odd. Some would argue that Jordan Brand does the same with Jayson Tatum and Luka Doncic, but Jordan has been retired for decades.

Regardless of the circumstances, a signature sneaker for Fox would make sense, especially from a marketing standpoint, where his trademark speed and quickness would be worth emphasizing to the highest degree. Fox, 26, is among the best rising point guards in the game today, and if Curry Brand wants to expand their sneaker production, a Fox signature might be a wise move to ponder.