6 Long-lost franchises the NBA needs to breathe life back into

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3) Baltimore Bullets

It's been quite a while since the NBA last had a team in Baltimore and although the Baltimore Bullets are now technically the Washington Wizards, they should still make a comeback. Why? Because the Wizards are moving to Virginia Beach and have failed to win over a sizable DMV population, the NBA is squandering a potentially lucrative market.

Both Major League Baseball and the National Football League have teams in both Baltimore and Washington, with the Orioles and Nationals and the Ravens and Commanders, respectively. Splitting up the Wizards' already disinterested fan base might seem like a bad idea.

However, with a steady influx of talent into the NBA and the Wizards finally deciding to rebuild, they could eventually be on the right track if they successfully build through the draft. Not only that, but if the NBA decides to bring back the Bullets, a heated rivalry could one day form between Baltimore and Washington.

There is even a recent precedent for bringing back a team that has since moved to another city with the Charlotte Hornets. The original Hornets moved to New Orleans and eventually became the Pelicans, while Charlotte got an expansion team with the Bobcats, which later became the Hornets again. The NBA could simply add an expansion team named the Baltimore Bullets and allow the Wizards to keep their team history while the Bullets start a new one.