5 Wild star pairings that could come from Team USA this summer

The Olympics are just two months away, and stars who have played together for Team USA often team up in the NBA and this time may be no different.
Stephen Curry, LeBron James
Stephen Curry, LeBron James / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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Paring #4) Kevin Durant and Steph Curry.

With the Phoenix Suns' embarrassing playoff exit, many have questioned whether star Kevin Durant could demand a trade. Were that the case, the Golden State Warriors may be the obvious trade candidate. After all, they have Chris Paul and Andrew Wiggins, whom they could use to easily match Durant's $52 million salary.

That would reunite Curry with Durant five years after they last played together. During a three-year span, they went to the NBA Finals three times and won back-to-back championships in 2017 and 2018.

Both players are still playing at a high-level and playing together this summer may eventually lead to a reunion. Durant could be returning to a dramatically different team that may not feature Klay Thompson. Nevertheless, the Warriors have a decent supporting cast around Curry, though they were inconsistent this season. Durant wasn't, however.

He averaged 27.1 points at the age of 36, an outlandish number that suggests that he can still play at an incredibly high level as he nears his 40s and his second decade in the NBA. If Durant does become available, then Golden State should absolutely go after him, especially since he has two years remaining on his contract. That would guarantee them two more bites at the apple with Curry and Durant.