5 Wild star pairings that could come from Team USA this summer

The Olympics are just two months away, and stars who have played together for Team USA often team up in the NBA and this time may be no different.
Stephen Curry, LeBron James
Stephen Curry, LeBron James / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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Paring #5) LeBron James and Joel Embiid.

LeBron James is playing in Philadelphia. The thought is surprising, to say the least but theoretically not impossible. LeBron can become a free agent this summer and, depending on how the Los Angeles Lakers offseason goes, he could decide to play elsewhere.

The Sixers are projected to have significant cap space this summer and could sign him away from the Lakers, leaving them high and dry. The Sixers, after all, have superstar Joel Embiid and All-Star Tyrese Maxey, though only Embiid will be playing for Team USA.

After another disappointing postseason exit for Philadelphia, Embiid could use the time to try to recruit another star to his team in hopes of finally getting over the hump and winning a championship with the Sixers. LeBron would be a huge get and instantly propel Philadelphia back to the top of the Eastern Conference, as well as give them a legitimate chance of making the NBA Finals next season.

With LeBron entering the final season or two of his career, returning to the NBA Finals for another chance at a championship would probably be appealing. Depending on how the off-season goes, there is a small chance that LeBron and Embiid link up and play together next season in the NBA.