5 NBA players at risk of losing their star status in 2023-24

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Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors

Klay Thompson - one half of the Splash Brothers - has always had his stardom closely attached to his shooting ability. So when that fails him, what's left for Thompson to show off?

Major injuries have threatened Thompson's star status before, but the team's need for him to come back has always kept him in the limelight, with every important milestone of his recovery tracked. The team doesn't seem to need him anymore.

Thompson is hitting 34.3 percent of his threes this season. While that may be okay for the average player, that's downright ugly for Thompson, who has only shot below 40 percent from distance once in his entire career. This would easily be the worst mark of his career.

He arguably bottomed out on Dec. 12, when he hit only one of his eight three-point attempts, scoring seven points and grabbing five rebounds over 27 minutes. At the end of the game, Steve Kerr left Thompson on the bench.

The Golden State Warriors are a mess this season, overly reliant on its crop of older players. It doesn't help that Draymond Green keeps getting suspended and the Dubs are in danger of slipping out of playoff relevancy, though it's hard to discount the team considering its track record over the last decade.

If the Warriors don't climb back into the playoff race, Thompson's time in San Francisco may be over. So may his time being a star in the league.