5 NBA players at risk of losing their star status in 2023-24

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The NBA is a star-driven league, impacted by every shot attempt and cryptic social media post by its best players. Those who reach the upper echelon of the sport can hang on to that stardom in perpetuity, but it's not a guarantee.

For every LeBron James or Michael Jordan, there are players who can't stick in the limelight, either due to their play, injuries or some other factor. With stars like Tyrese Haliburton rising to the top this season, others are being bumped to second-fiddle.

What NBA stars are in danger of becoming afterthoughts during the 2023-24 season?

We're now about a third of the way through the NBA season. While there is still plenty of time for the below stars to turn things around, small sample sizes are giving way to legitimate bodies of work. Real extrapolations can be made.

Those who fall from the status of being a star aren't necessarily barred from returning to that status ever again. But the NBA quickly passes players by with its breakneck pace of action and off-the-court events. Fall behind and one risks getting relegated to a lower status forever.

Take Derrick Rose. He was a superstar for the Chicago Bulls, an MVP-caliber guard. But injuries and a nomadic career after his Windy City days have dimmed his star, even though he's still out playing for the Memphis Grizzlies (if you didn't know his current team, that's precisely the point).

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