5 Karl-Anthony Towns trades the Timberwolves must consider

The Minnesota Timberwolves may have the NBA's highest payroll next season, which may force them to move star Karl-Anthony Towns. Here are 5 trade possibilities.
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Wolves-Hawks swap2

If the Hawks decide to hold on to Young, then an alternative deal involving Dejounte Murray and Bogdan Bogdanovic for Towns may make sense for both teams. The Wolves need a younger option at point guard so that they won't have to rely as much on Conley and Murray would fit the bill. The hope with adding Murray is that he'd be able to help carry the offensive load playing alongside Edwards while regaining some of his lost defensive ability that he showed while on the San Antonio Spurs.

With Bogdanovic, the Wolves would add scoring punch off the bench, with him helping replace Reed's offense while Reed replaces Towns in the starting five. The hypothetical deal would help the Wolves by turning Town into two rotation players. That would give them more depth and make better use of the nearly $50 million that is allotted to him for next season.

Murray and Bogdanovic would provide more than enough offense to offset his production, not to mention Reed possibly thriving in starter minutes.As for the Hawks, they would be getting the best player in the deal without having to give up a pick, though they would have to take on Town's monster contract. However, it's clear that the Young and Murray experiment isn't working.

With Murray signing a 4-year, $115 million extension this season and Bogdanovic under contract for at least the next two years at around $16 million per season, the Hawks wouldn't be making nearly as big of a financial gamble as it might seem since they'd be offsetting a large part of Towns' contract. As a result, this mock swap might work for both teams.