5 Karl-Anthony Towns trades the Timberwolves must consider

The Minnesota Timberwolves may have the NBA's highest payroll next season, which may force them to move star Karl-Anthony Towns. Here are 5 trade possibilities.
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Wolves-Hawks swap1

With the Wolves in need of a long-term option at point guard and current starter Mike Conley at 37 years old, Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Young would be the ideal candidate to succeed him. He is a prolific scorer and playmaker, averaging 25 points and 10 assists per game over the last three seasons and would give Edwards an elite offensive backcourt partner who can help him carry the offense.

As a result, the Wolves should consider offering up Towns and a 2026 first for Young. While giving up another first as well as your second-best player might give them pause, Town's contract is a negative at the moment, and Young is both younger and arguably better. Be that as it may, the Hawks are in a unique situation. They can bottom out by trading their best players but they don't own their picks over the next three years so they can't tank.

Instead, they may look to break up their backcourt, try to remain competitive and hope that whoever they pick first overall can develop into an all-star in short order. Although they could receive multiple picks for Young, few can offer an all-star, who might allow the Hawks to remain competitive in the meantime and simultaneously rebuild with the first overall pick and the picks received in this hypothetical. Towns and Young's contracts are also similar enough that receiving two extra assets should be enough to offset the difference, making the deal seem possible, at least.