5 hidden gems of the 2023 NBA Draft class that teams already regret not taking

Los Angeles Lakers v Miami Heat
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5. GG Jackson, Memphis Grizzlies 

True high school basketball enthusiasts will remember Gregory "GG" Jackson II as the top prospect of the 2023 class, but newcomers know him as the guy with the greatest reaction to a Shaquille O'Neal interview. 

The Memphis Grizzlies second-round pick has made a name for himself after turning the team's injury woes into personal success. Jackson's 11.3 points per game may seem low, but since being recalled from the G-League, he has had five 20-point games, including two on NBA on TNT broadcasts and one that resulted in signing a four-year contract the next day. 

4. Cam Whitmore, Houston Rockets 

From the youngest player in the league, GG Jackson, to the fifth-youngest, Cam Whitmore, the unannounced mission seems to be making teams second-guess their decision to skip them. Every analyst will tell you that Whitmore had just as much potential as anyone in the draft; however, selection day saw him slide to No. 20. Barely seeing the floor to start the season felt like justification for the critics. 

But once Whitmore began to touch the court, his aggressive, attacking style made him a budding highlight darling. Scoring is a niche that he has displayed at a 14.1 point per game clip since gaining consistent play at the tail end of December. And as his minutes go up, so will his numbers. Both Whitmore and Jackson are poised to be future bucket-getters if they can stay focused.