5 Bold Zach LaVine trades the Chicago Bulls must consider

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Heat LaVine trade

2) Miami Heat

The Heat have been pursuing a third star since the summer, and they may have an interest in LaVine. While he probably wasn't high up on their wish list, with Damian Lillard now in Milwaukee and Giannis Antetokounmpo having signed an extension, the Heat don't have many other options.

They do still have the trade assets left over from their pursuit of Lillard, which they could potentially use in an offer to the Bulls, though they may try to hold onto Tyler Herro after his strong start to the season. In that case, they may offer up Duncan Robinson and Kyle Lowry, along with a 2027 and 2029 (top-5 protected) first-round pick. At first glance, that probably doesn't appear to be a great return for LaVine for the Bulls, but it is better than it looks.

One reason is that it allows them to move LaVine's large contract without having to take back multiple bad contracts in return. Robinson is a serviceable rotation player who, while not worth his contract, is on a more manageable deal that the Bulls can keep on their books until it expires if needed. Meanwhile, Lowry is on an expiring contract and would likely be bought out by Chicago.

As for the two picks, both would either be unprotected or lightly protected picks and could prove to be high draft selections depending on how good the Heat are in four and six seasons, especially with star Jimmy Butler already 35 years old. Getting Herro back in a deal from Miami would be the ideal trade package for the Bulls, but even if he isn't included, there may be enough there to get Chicago to agree to a deal.