4 Winners and losers from an unpredictable second day of 2024 NBA free agency

The second day of NBA free agency is in the books and there were more than a few surprises involving several key players and here are the 4 winners and losers.
Stephen Curry
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Losers: Los Angeles Lakers

Thus far, the Los Angeles Lakers have done very little in free agency, though they have been linked to quite a few players, including newly signed Dallas Mavericks wing Klay Thompson. However, they have yet to land any significant players, and Thompson turned down a four-year, $80 million deal to play with LeBron James and Anthony Davis in LA. 

Things aren't over for them; they still have a chance to land California native DeMar DeRozan and possibly trade for the likes of Milwaukee Bucks center Brook Lopez or Portland Trail Blazers forward Jerami Grant. DeRozan might not be a great fit for the Lakers but he could be a bargain addition that they can't afford to pass up. 

That might be repeating the same mistake they made with Russell Westbrook, where they ignored fit for talent but DeRozan averaged 24 points per game last season and is a terrific shot creator. They do run the risk of pursuing him while other better-fitting players pass them by, like Dejounte Murray, who was traded to the Pelicans, and so far the Lakers haven't done much to write home about yet.