4 overlooked NBA Draft prospects the Heat could transform into major steals

The Miami Heat are known for finding and developing undervalued players, and with the 15th pick in the 2024 draft, they have a strong chance to add another overlooked prospect.
Erik Spoelstra
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The Miami Heat have developed a reputation over the years for finding undervalued prospects and turning them into reliable NBA players. So much so that they don't always rely on the draft to do so with them being able to scour the G-League or free agency for talent.

However, with the 15th pick in the draft, they will have a good opportunity to add a top prospect, and when they do pick in the top-20, they tend to have a lot of success. In recent years, the Heat have selected Bam Adebayo 14th, Tyler Herro 13th, and more recently, Jaime Jacquez Jr. 18th in last year's draft.

With a strong track record, the Heat should have similar success in this year's draft, even though it generally isn't seen as being particularly good. Even still, there are four prospects that could fall to the Heat at fifteen and each could turn into major steals were they to be drafted by Miami. Next, we will take a look at the first or four potential prospects the Heat could draft and turn into steals, starting with a two-way point guard who is shooting up the draft board.