4 legacies on the line ahead of the 2024 NBA playoffs

The 2024 NBA Playoffs are a make-or-break situation for certain players and their teams are going to need them to come through for them in order to have any chance of winning a championship

Boston Celtics v Atlanta Hawks
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4) Anthony Edwards

The Minnesota Timberwolves are heading towards the postseason, and all eyes are on Anthony Edwards. With a skill set as explosive as his personality, Edwards has emerged as a beacon of hope for a franchise desperate to recapture the glory days of the Kevin Garnett era. For Edwards, the playoffs represent an opportunity to etch his name into Timberwolves lore and solidify his young legacy as one of the most electrifying talents in the NBA.

Keep in mind, the Timberwolves have never hoisted the Larry O'Brien Trophy. In a league often dominated by big-market teams, a championship for a small-market franchise like Minnesota would be nothing short of revolutionary.

Edwards has the potential to become a hero in the Twin Cities, revered for generations to come as the player who led the Timberwolves to the promised land. Success would not only elevate his own legacy but also signal a resurgence of parity in the NBA.

He may have to take this run by himself. Karl Anthony-Towns had surgery to repair a meniscus tear, and Rudy Gobert's health is in limbo as well. Edwards still has time, but just imagine what his brand would become if he went ballistic in these playoffs. Edwards has the potential to not only change the fortunes of the Timberwolves but also inspire small-market teams across the NBA to dream big and defy the odds.